Walking in on the first day of a job can be pretty terrifying. Especially when you start a job you really know nothing about. I have always been a social person and social media has always been my niche, but mostly just for fun. Lucky enough i get to work with my dad everyday. When i realized that i would have to be taking pictures and not just writing posts, I was instantly intrigued and terrified. Mostly excited, i jumped write in. I walked around the warehouse where we work and started trying to find the coolest backdrops and places to take pictures. I will say it is not as easy as it looks. I had so many problems with lighting and angles. Luckily my dads coworker Ryan (the official photographer) helped me out. We started finding random items to hold up the camera and tried many different angles and lighting. I have the eye for it, but the technicality of it all is still new for me. I am so excited to learn more and share with you guys my experiences and pictures.

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