Polaroid Instant Roll Film Type 47 Black & White 3 1/4 x 4 1/4'' SEALED WORKS Expired 92

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Polaroid Instant Roll Film Type 47 Black & White 3 1/4 x 4 1/4'' SEALED WORKS Expired 92
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Polaroid Type 47 is the unicorn of the instant film world. The fastest instant film to that date was 200 ISO. Type 47 is 3000 ISO! As such, it is the most desirable and scarcest instant film out there. And this film makes SO many of those old gray Polaroid cameras usable again. See full description for list.

Please read ENTIRE description before purchase.

We are not Polaroid experts. Before this hoard came into our possession, we had never shot Polaroid roll film. We have vast experience with other films and equipment. We cannot stress enough that in the world of expired film, results can vary depending on meters, camera, lighting, etc. We can attest that all of this film was stored under the same conditions during its lifespan.

In our testing, using a cellphone meter and a 110A Pathfinder, we found that rating it at ISO 1500 with a 15-20 second developing time yielded the best results. YOU MUST PULL THE FILM OUT SLOW AND STEADY (OVER THE COURSE OF AROUND 2 SECONDS) IN ORDER TO ALLOW THE THICKENED DEVELOPER TO SPREAD OVER THE PHOTO. We found that the developer packs at the beginning of the rolls occasionally fail to open and often have a gummy consistency which can appear on the print as shown in the sample images. We simply wiped it off with a damp lens wiper and then used the coater. We did not encounter any dry developer packs. Personally, I'm very happy with the way they turned out. I'm sure that someone more experienced with Polaroid will gain much better results. Please see the sample images.

The photo of the coaters is from the testing rolls we used for both type 42 and Type 47 films.

This sale is for ONE BOX of Polaroid Type 47 black & white 8-exposure 3 ¼ x 4 ¼'' ISO 200 instant film pack that expired in 1992.

This film can be used with the following Polaroid rollfilm cameras:

- Polaroid Model 95
- Polaroid Model 95A
- Polaroid Model 95B
- Polaroid Model 100
- Polaroid Model 110 (Pathfinder)
- Polaroid Model 110A (Pathfinder)
- Polaroid Model 110B (Pathfinder)
- Polaroid Model 120
- Polaroid Model 150
- Polaroid Model 160
- Polaroid Model 700
- Polaroid Model 800
- Polaroid Model 850
- Polaroid Model 900
- Polaroid Model J66

This extinct expired sealed roll film is from a gigantic hoard of extinct Polaroid films and accessories was rescued from the 2nd floor of a mid-New England warehouse. It was there for over 20 years, and apparently it never froze! Please see our other listings for extinct film types and rare Polaroid parts and accessories.

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